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PunksVoxels history

A piece of the NFT History

  • - One of the First 10k NFTs Collections on Ethereum
  • - First 3D 10k NFT Project
  • - First 10k Supply Derivative of punks

PunksVoxels Community DAO

The PunksVoxels collection would never have been resurrected hadn't it been for the efforts put forward by the pioneers in our community.

PunksVoxels is all about bringing people together and supporting each other. Therefore it only makes sense to establish a DAO to give all our community members the opportunity to shape the future of the project.

The team will hand over custody of 250 PunksVoxels NFTs to the community DAO.

PunksVoxels art

Growth Roadmap


1. Creation

PunksVoxels was created through a coding method of automated rendering utilizing OpenGL. This process utilized the likeness of CryptoPunks. The project was designed to be 3D with the intent of being able to utilize the NFT's in video game metaverses such and Sandbox, Decentraland, Minecraft etc. Due to the automation, a few of the PunksVoxels have "happy accidents" from the drawing process. The development team decided to leave these alterations and not correct them. Some collectors deem these NFT's to be extra valuable.


2. Resurrection

Call it fate or destiny. This project was rediscovered by crypto archeologists who identified its unique qualities which caused the project to begin selling out. The timing of this is substantial due to the method used to mint the project through Opensea and their requirements of switching to the new contract. If the contract had been pushed just one day sooner the entire project would not exist today. Along with PunksVoxels resurrection comes its initial vigor and ideology to grow into something much larger.


3. The community

PunksVoxels had the foresight to create a reserve of 250 their NFT's with the intent of growing the community and giving back to those who brought the project from the grave. The reserve will curate incentives, giveaways, partnerships and community events in the short and long term to bring exposure and awareness to this projects mission.


4. Market fairness

Cripto3 recognizes the importance of engaging all of the valuable community members who provide exceptional feedback to help the project grow. We are building PunksVoxels and the roadmap with the intent to create an even playing field for all participants. We are ensuring the community through transparency and follow-through that we are here to listen and blossom together. We are careful to create equal opportunity in every action taken to improve the projects future.


5. The future

The sky is the limit. NFT's are already an underappreciated asset that has boundless untapped potential of which will soon be realized by the masses. We are some of the first projects that will set an example of why these endeavors should be highly valued and sought after. The metaverse is a primary target for us to grow into. There are so many roads that lead there and many of them lead to success. We will put our greatest minds together with the community to ensure the methods we execute are the best ones. We can't wait to see where this road leads us all. Most importantly, we will be on this journey together!

Meet The Team

PunksVoxels was created by two friends during NFT early stages. The collection was rescued by NFT archaeologists and the community was created. In the process we joined 4 amazing individuals that will drive this project to the moon!

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NFT archaeologist

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NFT archaeologist

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Crypto expert

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Discord expert

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PunksVoxels FAQ

Entering The PunksVoxels Community means joining a great family full of people who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and NFT art.

PunksVoxels is a historic NFT collection
PunksVoxels were created on March, 23rd 2021.
- One of the 8 First 10k NFT Collections on Ethereum
- First 3D 10k NFT Project
- First 10K Supply Derivative of CryptoPunks
You can get an item at Opensea marketplace
There has been a surge of interest in historical project related to the genesis PFP project CryptoPunks. PunksVoxels are one of those projects that were created within the timeline between CryptoPunks and BoredApeYachtClub
- Cryptopunks 23rd June 2017
- Cryptoskulls 18th May 2019
- ChainFaces 19th January 2020
- SimpsonGan 13th March 2021
- Chubbies 18th March 2021
- PixelGan 19th March 2021
- PunksVoxels 23rd March 2021
- Dooggies 6th April 2021
- EtherThings 14th April 2021
- Bored Ape Yacht Club 22nd April 2021
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